Pack-a-Paw: How It Works


  1. Unfold the harness, placing the two long straps (with the metal loops on the ends) facing yourself.
  2. Place the dog’s front legs through the two smaller holes and the dog’s back legs through the two larger holes.
  3. Lift the harness around the dog while putting the long straps (with the two metal loops) through the single metal loop and pull back towards yourself, securing the dog in the harness.
  4. Squat down low with the dog behind you. Pull the two straps with the metal loops over your shoulders. Pull these straps forward as you lift your legs, securing the dog safely onto your back and shoulders.
  5. The two long straps hanging under the dog can be attached through the double metal loops to create a hands-free carrying system. Be sure to lock the straps securely by doubling back over one of the metal loops and locking it in. This is more easily adjusted before the dog is lifted.

*Please note: this harness is designed as a universal fit to carry various breeds. It may fit certain breeds better than others. The harness is designed to be used in emergency situations as an evacuation plan for an injured canine. Use at your own risk.